PHP Code Snippets Episode 2

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In this post I am going to show you how to take the values from an array and use them, in a form option box. First of all we are going to make a simple array…

For this example i will just make a basic array, however you could use a<em> mysql_fetch_array()</em> to read data from a database to make your array then continue with step 2.

I will show you the basics of this in my next tut.

<pre class=”syntax”><!–?php $options = array(“option_1″,”option_2″,”option_3″,”option_4″,”option_5″,”option_6″); ?–>


<form><select name=”example”><!–?php foreach($options as $choice) { echo ‘&lt;option value=”‘.$choice.'”&gt;’.$choice.’&amp;lt;/option&gt;’; } ?–></select></form>

As you can see this will give you all the options from the array into your option choices.

I hope this little snippet will help.

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