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Social media marketing is a powerful tool that allows businesses to reach a much wider audience. As the digital industry continues to grow, more and more users are relying on this platform to interact with brands. Because of this, the benefits of social media marketing can help businesses to acquire customers, drive sales and increase brand awareness online!

Social Media Marketing Ideas

Social media marketing is the process of creating and sharing content across a multimedia platform. From paid advertising to video marketing, social media provides businesses with a more personal approach for targeting new and existing customers. As a web agency in Dorset, we understand the importance of using various digital platforms in order to capture and retain users. Check out these social media marketing ideas for your business strategy!



Facebook is a social media platform that allows users to communicate with friends and family. It is important to complement this by creating approachable posts. A key factor to Facebook’s marketing style is to have a strong brand image whilst also including consistent visual elements within your strategy. By incorporating imagery into your posts, you can help to grasp the attention of potential customers and improve your online performance. It is also important to accompany your organic posts with cost-effective ads as these can have a great impact on your marketing strategy.


Twitter is a platform that combines modern networking with fun marketing approaches and allows businesses to showcase their product offers, updates and services to a wide audience. With the ability to network with businesses in similar industries as well as potential customers, it is important to build a following through regular communication and posts that enhance your brand.

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LinkedIn is one of the more professional platforms as it allows businesses to network with similar companies, share marketing ideas and promote products and services. Recommendations is one of the most important elements on LinkedIn and allows businesses to appear more credible for new customers. Creating sales-based content can help to build up connections and therefore, increase the chance of leads online. If you are a B2B or marketing company, LinkedIn is perfect for you!


If you are looking to create a strong appearance online, Instagram is the perfect solution for you! This social media platform focuses entirely on visual marketing and allows businesses to develop a creative approach to their strategies. As well as this, Instagram also has a shopping feature that allows users to browse products through their feed. This component has already seen successful insights within a range of industries and has helped to generate leads for many businesses!

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Does your target audience have a dominant female presence? If so, Pinterest is the ideal platform for you! By using image-centred and inspirational marketing strategies, you can create effective solutions for your customers. From top-tips to artistic ideas, Pinterest incorporates a range of features to support their creative audience. As well as this, users have the ability to browse and shop a range of products, making it the ideal platform for businesses within the retail industry.

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