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Are you looking to find out more about the importance of e-commerce web design and are looking for e-commerce web design in Bournemouth and the UK? You may also be considering local SEO if you are trying to reach an audience based on a service in a certain town or city. DSM Design offer development, design, marketing and ecommerce services. If you are interested in these contact us on 01202 048079 or contact us via our form.

User Experience (UX)

It is important to consider User Experience (UX) as part of your web design for your e-commerce website. For example you may have identified that you want customers to purchase from your website, UX considerations and tests allow you to examine whether potential customers can purchase easily and locate the product they are looking for efficiently. Building modules in your website that allow for easy landing page tests and ensuring UX testing tools can be installed allows your system to be compatible for current and future UX considerations.

Web Development

Ensuring that your system is built to allow for great web design is essential, can modules appear where you would like them too and does your website have all the functionality needed for customers to convert? It is important that you select the right software for the needs of your online store, and important to work with a solution that is the perfect fit for you and your company. It is important to also think about the longevity of the solution and what other bespoke requirements you may need for your website e.g. stock control.


Does your website allow for swift entry of voucher codes or incorporates SEO for e-commerce websites properly? Is it possible to allow for appropriate copy on the web page and is there enough text on display? It is important to design your website with digital marketing in mind – with key functionality built for easy cross-selling and offers set up. Alongside this, it is important to have a website that allow for the integration of marketing tools e.g. MailChimp, Google Ads…

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Effective conversion rate optimisation (CRO) looks to increase the sales of specific products and/or conversion actions across your e-commerce website. For example, working to shorten the length of a landing page journey to the basket to improve the sales conversion rate. It is important to design a website which encompasses elements needed to fulfil your conversion objective. E.g. landing page builder, one page checkout Therefore, stressing the important of e-commerce web design.

E-commerce Web Design Case Studies

We have built and designed a large amount of websites over the years. Below are a few examples of our e-commerce web design:

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