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Are you looking for SEO services to get the most out of your website? DSM Design offers a free SEO audit to start your website on the journey of climbing the Google rankings. Call us on 01202 048 079 and we can initiate your audit today.

Free SEO Audit at DSM Design

Many website companies will advertise SEO services to boost the rankings of your website but how do you go about choosing the right company for you? To help you choose the right company DSM Design can initiate a free SEO audit, this allows you to see how we will go about executing your SEO campaign in addition to how it will boost your websites’ rankings. It is important to see what areas we will work on for your website, as it allows you to know that we would not overcharge you or make up information; we will always be upfront and honest with you. Once choosing DSM Design to execute your SEO, our team of SEO experts will plan your campaign before executing it. You will receive reports during the campaign, allowing you to see the progress your website is making in the rankings.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation; this is the process of getting a website further up the rankings on Google or Yahoo. When typing in keywords or a query into Google’s search engine, the results that pop up on the first page are the websites that Google feels is the most relevant to helping you answer your query. These websites are not listed here by luck or accident; they have been optimised by specialists to ensure these websites are seen over their competitors. This is achieved by making Google feel that the website is the most relevant to the user’s query. This is executed through content writing and link building; the content is relevant to the keywords being searched.

Upon completion, the page is linked to the website as a separate page. Once Google has indexed this page, it will start to recognise it as useful information for certain keywords resulting in the website’s rankings starting to increase. Start your SEO with your free SEO audit with us, ensuring you see these results.

Why Choose DSM Design For SEO Services?

Many companies will advertise SEO services for your website, but DSM Design should be your first choice. This is because before signing on to use our services, we will initiate a free SEO audit for you, allowing you to see that we have the knowledge of SEO before wasting your money on a company that can’t produce results. DSM Design has over 20 years of experience when dealing with websites, therefore, we know a lot of information on how to achieve the best results from websites. This includes our SEO services; our SEO team have produced fantastic results and can prove this to you through reports, in addition to special software that shows how your ranking has changed for each keyword.

Not Just SEO at DSM Design

DSM Design doesn’t just specialise in SEO, we also have fantastic design and development teams. Together, they make the best looking, functioning websites that you could possibly get. They have worked together to create projects such as:

These are only a few examples of their amazing work. Whether you want an e-commerce website or a brochure website, our team can handle it for you. Choose DSM Design to build you a new, functioning website and you won’t be disappointed with the results.


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Call DSM Design on 01202 048 079 to speak to one of our specialists to request your free SEO audit today. Alternatively, you can submit a contact form on our website and we can get back in contact with you at our earliest convenience. We hope to hear from you soon, allowing us to start getting your website seen in Google.