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The Web Design Brief

The NHS Dorset County Hospital is dedicated to, “outstanding care for people in ways which matter to them”. Based in Dorchester it is run by the Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The hospital was looking to get a new website up and running and replace their existing one.

DSM Design had originally built a SharePoint website and intranet for Dorset County Hospital in 2015. Dorset County Hospital then approached DSM Design to build a new website which would give them easier and greater content population facilities.

Dorset County Hospital - DSM Design Ltd
Dorset County Hospital - DSM Design Ltd
Dorset County Hospital - DSM Design Ltd

The Solution

After considering different options it was agreed that WordPress would be the selected platform for the website to be built on and subsequently the new website was launched in March 2021. WordPress gives the client full control over content and has a range of features such as allowing for different levels of user access and much more, including:

  • A translation facility so that users can translate to their chosen language on the website
  • A focus on meeting select accessibility criteria e.g. having the option to change the font size on the website
  • A Latest News section
  • A large library of .pdfs that had to be migrated
  • Google Analytics to track the website’s visits
Dorset County Hospital - DSM Design Ltd

The website was also built in a SEO friendly way with:

  • A specialist plugin for SEO which includes schema implementation functionality, redirection tools, website audit scores
  • A robots.txt file to allow and disallow urls from search engines
  • A html and .xml sitemap to allow search engines to easily index the website
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Dorset County Hospital - DSM Design Ltd
Dorset County Hospital - DSM Design Ltd
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