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The Brief

Harlees are a family owned restaurant chain based in the South of England and have been serving fish and chips for more than 22 years.

The company has expanded over the past few years and are opening more restaurants; because of this they needed a new brand image and website.

Working alongside Harlees, the team at DSM Design created a new brand identity which would highlight the brands history and values.

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Transforming the Brand

DSM Design and Harlees worked to completely redesign and transform the brand. As well as working on creating a new website, new menus, uniforms and posters were formed. Additionally, the interior of the restaurants were also modernised.

We worked on creating a new custom font, which keeps the brand’s integrity alive. The result is a brand image that reflects both Harlees as a company and their heritage.

Harlees Uniform - DSM Design Ltd
Harlees Loyalty Card - DSM Design Ltd

Creating a Better User Experience

At the core of the re-brand we created a new website. We didn’t just want the website to be visually appealing, we wanted it to be functional and accessible by Harlees.

As part of the brief we created an online system which allowed menus and content to be edited.

We’re continuing to work with Harlees and are looking at introducing further online functions, including an online takeaway system and an online booking system.

Take a look at the Harlees website online today.

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