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The Brief

PDQ Motorcycle Developments specialise in motorcycle performance parts and motorbike services. Established in 1984, they have one of the longest standing motorcycling performance and tuning centres in the UK. Providing a huge range of quality motorcycle products to retail and trading customers worldwide, PDQ pride themselves on excellent customer service, making sure to provide honest and efficient experiences to everyone! They were looking for a new eCommerce website and digital marketing services.

Motorcycle image
Motorcycle image
Website by DSM Design
Website development by DSM Design

Web Design & Development

At DSM Design, we were excited to work alongside this successful company and have since developed a fully functional ecommerce system. Built and integrated with Catalyst our design also features livestock updates. We discussed the web build process with PDQ Motorcycle Developments and have been working with them to improve their online presence in the search engines.

The SEO Project

PDQ Motorcycle Developments approached DSM Design to improve their search presence. During the process of progressing to this, we implemented goal setting, measuring a conversion action against the organic search channel by utilising Google Analytics.

As always, our aim was to build a SEO and user-friendly website. We did just that by focusing on our SEO strategy as well as a mixture of onsite optimisation, offsite optimisation and technical optimisation. Our keyword strategy for this project included targeting key search terms of interest as well as search terms with appropriate search volume. This would help to increase online ranking and user engagement to their site.

Website design for PDQ Motorcycles
Motorcycle bike banner image

The Results

Since our website development with PDQ Motorcycles, we have seen an increase in goals MoM in 2020. Sessions from the organic search channel have also seen a steady growth MOM.

Our key focus over the coming months is to improve their primary goal, to enhance their search presence. We will continue to integrate a range of SEO methods to further boost their online business.

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