The Importance of Redesigning a Website

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It is important to keep your website up to date with the latest software and technologies. In order to combat this you may be looking to get a website redesign. This helps security and also aids technical aspects of marketing. For example search engine marketing benefits from good site speed. This may be slowed down due to not using the latest technologies or having code that could be condensed.

Incorporating the latest trends, for example web design in 2020, can help to improve user experience and aid with conversions on your website.


Have you thought about the structure and positioning of your content? Search engines utilise the structure of your website to understand what your website is offering and sections of your website. URL structure is key and how you are laying out your content in a blog or news section can also affect your search engine rankings.

It is also important to recognise the limitations of your current website and how you wish to improve it with an end target in mind.

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User Experience & Usability

When going through a website redesign a large focus should be thinking and considering what and how your users are looking at your website. Is it suitable for your target audience, and has usability been considered.

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If you are generating traffic to your website through SEO currently it is important to maintain those rankings when switching over to a new website. It is important to design with your marketing in mind and ensuring key checks are taking place when migrating a website. This is especially the case if you are changing domains.

Key SEO features you may wish to consider when going through a website redesign include:

  • Whether the sitemap/sitemaps will be affected
  • If new URLs need to be entered into the Robots.txt
  • Any 301 redirects that need to be implemented with the creation of a new URL structure
  • Any Google Console Setups that are required e.g. if you have installed a SSL certificate with a redesign
  • Tools set up – including Google Analytics, are there any tools that require set up natively as the website is being redesigned?
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