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Web design in the UK has become a popular service and has resulted in the growth of web designer and web development careers. Development jobs are meant to increase by 20% in the next few years. As the demand for web design is high, many businesses look to outsource from the UK and hope to find cheaper rates – there are advantages and disadvantages to this, but how will outsourcing affect you and your company?

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DSM Design have been established for over 35 years and have been offering web design services since the launch of the web. We offer web design services in the UK and have also had a range of international clients too. In order to get in touch simply call us on 01202 048079 or fill out our online form now.

Outsourcing Web Design Internationally

Outsourcing is a method where a company will pay another business to provide goods or services. If you outsource internationally it is often offered at a cheaper price.

Disadvantages of Sourcing Web Design Internationally

The Communication Gap

There can be difficulties with language barriers, time zones and lack of face-to-face meetings or even the understanding of each other’s schedule. Hiring web design in the UK allows businesses to have better understanding of the services as well as clear communication.


If communication errors take place, this could affect the time your web project takes. If there are a lack of meetings it can be difficult to tell the level of progress your project needs before it is finished.

Sensitive Data

There is a potential to lose sensitive data and confidentiality when outsourcing web design to another country. UK web design companies have a range of data protection laws in place to ensure that your information is secure. Most companies will also provide customers with a history of work and recommendations from previous clients. Because of this, you know you’re using a company that you’re confident will produce great results.

Quality of Work

If you are outsourcing and paying a cheaper rate internationally, it may be that the taskforce is inexperience which then may affect the final product delivered. It is important that your brand is reflected in the best way possible.

Hidden Costs

There may be hidden costs and legal problems if the terms and conditions are not clearly defined in the beginning of the service. This can then lead to the service being more expensive than in the UK.

Outdated Technology Skills

Different countries have different access level to select technologies, and it may mean you don’t get the most up to date platform.

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There are advantages and disadvantages associated with both local and outsourcing web design. However, if you are looking for a reliable and professional web design agency in the UK, then DSM Design is here to help! Contact us on 01202 048 079 today.

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