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Are you looking for a web development service in Dorset? Here at DSM Design we are an established web development company with more than 30 years’ experience in the marketing industry.  

Our web development in Dorset can provide local businesses with the best facilities to improve online performance. We are specialists in WordPress, Laravel, My SQL and JavaScript as well as a range of expertise in creating quality web applications. 

Our Services 

At DSM Design, we provide regular consultancies throughout the entire development process so our customers are always fully informed! Our service includes: 

Initial Consultation 

This is a free of charge service and gives us the opportunity to discuss any relevant information regarding your business. This is crucial in order to help with the development process. 

Proposal & Quotation 

This step allows us to recognise the key project requirements. Based on what needs to be done, we will then provide you with an accurate quotation for the necessary development process. 

Project Management 

A full specification is produced by our specialists. This includes all of the details and project requirements. 

System Development 

The overall development process will be reviewed after every major milestone. This ensures the customer that everything is running smoothly and as planned. 

RFC (Request’s for Change) Management 

During the reviewing stages, customers are given the opportunity to suggest any adjustments to the development process. This will then be included in the project. 

Final Development 

Once the web development is complete, the customer and our specialists will test the project, ensuring that it meets the original requirements. 

Customer Sign-Off 

Once all specifications have been met to the highest standard possible, the customer is required to sign off. The development process is now complete! 

On-Going Support 

Support and maintenance from then on will start. This however, depends on whether the customer has agreed to this during the initial consultation stage. 

We also offer a one-off development service which comes without the support and maintenance and is available to purchase one hour at a time.  

Another facility that customers can purchase from us are our web hosting packages

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If you are looking for a web development Dorset service to improve your local business then contact DSM Design on 01202 048 079. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our web development facilities, our friendly team can arrange a free consultation today! 

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